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When to Plant tomatoes?

When to Plant tomatoes?

Tomato is a fruit or a vegetable is still an unanswered question till today. It is one of the most popular vegetable/ fruit in the world. It is highly nutritious food which is rich in Vitamin A and C .Lycopene present in tomato is well known for fighting cancer.

Tomatoes are part of everyone’s diet across the world and are widely used in all types of cuisines. They are the most affordable when comes to price. Growing tomatoes in gardens is very easy and everyone can grow few of them in their gardens effortlessly.

Tomato is basically a summer crop and needs high temperatures to raise a good crop. It can be grown in any kind of soil, but if you want to grow them in your garden then good quality potting soil is required. Growth of any tomato plant depends on two things; selection of the plant that is healthy and planting them in the right time.

Start the seed about five to six weeks before the last anticipated frost. Though wet soil is required for the seeds to grow, it is to be seen that soil is not cold, otherwise seeds won’t grow. Regular watering, good air and light and also high temperatures can help your plant grow quickly. They can be sowed in small flat cups initially .Once they are around 4 to 6 inches tall they need to be transferred to individual pots to grow in a healthy way.

There is also another way of planting tomatoes. You can wait till spring season to buy already grown seedlings to plant in your garden. It is easier to grow tomatoes this way as one need not wait for days for the seed to grow. Tomato plants love breezy and warm climates .so it will be better, if you can keep them in open places rather than in closed rooms.

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