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When to Get Stitches

No matter how careful you are, sooner or later, you get a bit clumsy, or an accident happens, and then, BAM! You get hurt or injured, and you’ll need to get stitches.

Getting stitches is not the painful or traumatizing ordeal that most people envision it is. The pain in getting stitches is more in the mind than the actual procedure itself.

If you get into an accident that requires stitches, you should get medical attention immediately because deep wounds or cuts not only cause you to lose blood, but the longer that you keep the wound open, the higher the chance is for infection setting in.

The first thing that you need to do is get the wound cleaned. Most hospitals will recommend using clean running water on the wound. Avoid using soap, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean your wound, especially if the skin is broken or the wound is deep. Most soaps, alcohols or hydrogen peroxide may clean the wound out, but they will also cause damage and may even kill the surrounding cells around the wound.

Second, get yourself to a medical center like a hospital or a clinic. Even if the wound is small, you will need a trained professional to put the stitches to make sure that they are placed right, and that no surrounding nerves or blood vessels will be hit by the needle.

You’ll want to get stitches if your wound is deep, or if you have a clean cut on your skin. Stitches ensure that there is minimal to no scarring, and that the wound is closed faster, thereby lessening the chance of getting the wound infected. Stitches also ensure that the wound heals faster.

If you’re afraid of getting stitches because you’re afraid that it might be painful, you should note that getting stitches in a hospital will ensure that you get a local anesthetic shot before the procedure commences, thus making the whole process less painful and scary.

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