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When to Euthanize your dog?

When to euthanize your dog?

Saying Goodbye to Your Four-Legged Family Member

Deciding to end the life of your dog is a very hard and painful decision, especially if your dog has been your companion and a part of your family for many years. Since the average lifespan of any dog is around 10-15 years, it becomes all the more painful because of all the great memories you have spent together. However, there are times when euthanasia becomes an unavoidable decision in your dog’s life. This is called “putting down”, in veterinary slang.

Here are some instances when euthanasia for your dog becomes necessary:

· When They Are very Old

Sometimes, very old dogs experience congenital conditions because of their old age, such as cataracts, arthritis or heart failure. Most of the times, these diseases become debilitating or even painful, as they grow older. If you don’t want to see your dog suffering and becoming weaker as they grow older, sometimes it more merciful to put them down quickly and painlessly through euthanasia.

· When They are Very Sick

Dogs who contract debilitating diseases such as rabies, parvo virus or polio, it would be more merciful to just end their suffering by putting them down early in the disease. Once your dog has contracted these diseases, they have very little hope for cure (none in the case of rabies and polio), and it will progressively become worse and more painful for your dog as time passes.

· When They are Uncontrollable

Sometimes, there is something emotionally or psychologically wrong with some dogs. No matter how much you try to discipline them or make them used to human contact, they remain withdrawn, aggressive and threatening to humans. And this condition is not limited to adopted dogs from pounds. Sometimes, even house pets can develop these kinds of behavior. If your dog becomes like this, it would be safer for you and those around you to resort to euthanasia.

Rarely is euthanasia an act of malice or intentional wrong doing against the dog. Often, euthanasia is performed in order to save the dog or its owners further suffering and pain.

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