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When to Cut back Roses

Gardening is beloved by people of all ages and sexes because it provides a relaxing, therapeutic hobby that not only gives you a chance to rest and rejuvenate, it’ll also give you a beautiful product that you can show off and be proud of in the end.

Gardening roses is one of the most popular types of flower gardening because roses are easy to care for, have a lot of beautiful colors available (for those who are stuck with the traditional red, you need to expand your world a little more. Roses can come in blue, orange, pink, yellow, blue…pretty much any solid, single color that you care to name), and grows easily and quickly. However, this rapid growth and propagation of roses also requires regular trimming and pruning of roses to ensure that they are given enough space and nutrients to grow.

You also need to cut back roses if they show signs of disease or pest infestation. Most diseases will start locally in the rose (roots, leaves or petals) and will spread from there. They are usually injected into the plant by insect vectors, or by wounds created by infected planting tools such as pruning shears or grafting knives. When you notice disease symptoms such as rot, necrosis, yellowing or other localized symptoms, make sure that you cut out that part of the flower to ensure that the infection does not spread to other parts.

Cutting back is also essential during trimming and pruning to ensure that your flowers get optimum space to grow. You will need to cut flowers that are in poor health, or under perform in growth or blooming to make room for stronger flowers.

The best time to cut back roses is around May to June because this is when rose growth is at its optimum rate.

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