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When to breed your Dog?

When to breed your dog?

One of the most profitable pastimes, if you know what you are doing, is dog breeding. However, this should not be treated as a way to make extra profit, let alone as a main source of income. Breeding a bitch in heat is actually a very difficult and time-consuming process. If you’re planning to go into breeding, make sure that you are prepared and informed about the process. Only then would it be a good idea to start breeding.

Here are some tips if you’re planning to breed your dog in heat:

· Know Your Reason

Why do you want to breed your dog? If you think that breeding dogs is a good way to profit, or you want your dog to “experience having puppies”, then these are bad reasons to breed your dog. However, if you have a genuine passion for the breed, and want to contribute to making the breed better (i.e., closer to the AKC standard), then this is the best reason to breed your dog.

· Know Your Breed

You should only breed your dog if you are knowledgable about the breed standard. The best way to know the breed standard is to research on it (there are many literatures dedicated to breed standards), or to attend dog shows. You may also contact other breeders of the same breed who have been in the business for a long time.

· Know Your Bitch

You need to consider the particular dog that you want to breed. You need to make sure that the specimen is physically healthy, mentally sound and possesses all the standard traits of the breed. If the dog has breed faults, it would be best to avoid breeding it.

Breeding a dog is something you should only attempt if you have the resources, knowledge and experience (or guidance, if you’re new to the practice) behind you. Only then can you be able to produce a quality line of puppies.

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