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When to apply Pre emergent?

When to apply Pre emergent?

Herbicides are used for soil to prevent germinating of weeds .They are commonly called as weed killers. They are used to kill only weeds and unwanted plants while leaving the main crop unharmed .Pre emergent herbicides are added to the soil to kill the weeds before they germinate or sprout .It is very important to know as to when to apply pre emergent, because it would be of no use if you apply them after weeds have already germinated or grown.

Pre emergent as the name suggests should be applied before weeds and unwanted plants emerge. They are used mainly to prevent weeds from germinating. If you wait to use pre emergent till the weeds emerges then pre emergent do no have any effect in killing the weeds and unwanted plants. Applying pre emergent after weeds emerge can be a real waste of money and efforts and also can lead to pollution of ground waters.

Right timing for applying adding pre emergent is very important as it should be able to prevent weeds from cropping up. Many people wrongly calculate time for applying pre emergent by waiting for daffodils to bloom. Emerging of weeding should always be calculated based on the weed emerging time of the last year less two to three weeks will give you right time to apply pre emergent. So, it is quite evident that pre emergent should always be applied two to three weeks in advance of the last weed emerging season.

If you have by some reason missed using pre emergent in the right time, you always have the option of using post emergent. But post emergent need to be very selective as many of them destroy all the plants that have emerged. It is always advisable to use natural pre emergent to keep up with the environment.

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