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When To Apply fertilizer?

When To Apply fertilizer?

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If you feel like giving your lawn a boost, it’s not as simple as going out into your lawn right now, opening a bag of fertilizer and applying the contents willy-nilly. You want to be able to maximize the effect of the fertilizer so that your plants (or the ones that you intend to plant) can enjoy the maximum effects on their growth and development.

Here below are the three times when it is best to apply fertilizer to your garden:

Right after Harvest

The time right after harvest is when the soil is the most depleted of nutrients. To ensure that the nutrients are broken down in time for the next planting season, it would be a good time to place fertilizer in the soil in between planting seasons.

In the Middle of Growing Season

You should never put fertilizer while the plants are still seeds or seedlings because strong fertilizer placed directly on the plant tends to “burn” the plant. However, when the plant has grown a little, and the roots have extended at least 5-7 cm away from the base of the plant, it would be a good time to place fertilizer because this is also the time when the plant grows the fastest, and siphons the most nutrients away from its surrounding soil.

During the Rainy Season

Water is the best solvent for fertilizer, and what could be better than a free water delivery system for your plants? During the rainy season, it would be best to bury the fertilizer a little under the topsoil to make sure that it is not washed away and brought to another area of your garden.

However, you should use fertilizer sparingly, especially if you are using chemical fertilizer. Too much use of chemical fertilizer results in acidic or alkaline soil, which makes it unfit for growing any plants.

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